• Captain Keymaster
    December 21, 2023 at 13:06 #4396

    Is it always the hw3d_res1280x1024 resolution that works and above that the buildings disappear? Any suggestions for a solution? Captain our beloved modder god – higher resolutions are added in AW2? could there be a bug? I am grateful for any thoughts and suggestions greets, Sleepless

    Hi Sleepless,

    That sounds weird. Could maybe be a graphics driver issue. I’ve never experienced that problem before and I run higher resolutions than the game can even manually selected in the ingame resolutions dropdowm menu.
    I run more than 1920×1080 so the way I set the game to run my native windows resolution of 2560 is to open the game.cfg and edit it to my resolution where it says “resolution”.

    Can you attach your game.cfg to this post so I can have a look at your settings?
    (You may need to zip it before attaching it to the post)

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