AW2 – The Cage map series

This map series expands over 3 maps surrounding the cage theme. Follow the goals on the key G as you go along.

AW2 – Wild Thing

Mission is simple. Follow onscreen instructions but this one is not your usual mission level design. Expand your horizons.

AW2 – Operation Razorblade

Enemy’s Have Been Stock Piling Weapons and Nukes and Are Threating to Launch a Full Scale War Just for the Fun of It. We Need to Stop Them Fast.

AW2 – Nosebleed

Your primary objective is to destroy the enemy missile launch control center. They have an advanced automated weapons security system that must be disabled before you can access the launch pad. You can find the security control equipment in a two-story building near WP India.

AW2 – Shoot ‘Em Up Series

The Shoot ‘Em Up series spans across 9 maps and all available in one zip file. Your main goals are eliminate all weapon crates and destroy their radio equipment.

AW2 – Cry Havoc

Your mission is need to know, and you only need to know once you are in the game and onsite.

AW2 – Angus : White Coast Part 1

The UN Security Council decides to send a international peacekeeping force to Indonesia.
Land on Rebel Island. Cross the mountains. Secure the Black Hawk crash site…

AW2 – And Then Came The Morning

Follow the goals as you go along. Enjoy!


Kill the leader of the socialist movement. He is in a heavily gaurded temple.


Really Epic! Love that mod! It’s Escalation DFX and TR blended toghether plus extra missions and goodies!

Raicho20 Raicho20

Damned nice mod!

blueeyesm2k4 blueeyesm2k4

The AW2 mod has breathed new life into playing JO

Rick Ramo Rick Ramo

What JO could’ve been!

joshua12345676 joshua12345676