Often Asked Questions

It’s simple and easy.

  1. AW2 is for free and always will be – but you need to have Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising or Joint Operations: Combined Arms installed first. See below where to get it.
    (Joint Operations: Combined Arms Gold does not work with AW2)
  2. Download and install the AW full version  v.4.40 and then the AW2 update v4.41
  3. Enjoy!

Amazon or Ebay starting usually at only 3$.
Note: The Steam store currently only has the Combined Arms Gold edition and that does not work with Advanced Warfare 2 that we know of.

Please go through step 1 and step 2 to have AW2 up and running, if you already have Joint Operations Typhoon Rising installed.

1) Download Advanced Warfare 2 Full Installer *

2) Download Advanced Warfare 2 Update *

(by thorsthunder-gaming.com)


NILE v1.6 (Zip Install)


AW2 – Mapbuilding Kit (by Captain – Build 1.00)


AW2 – Loadscreen Template



Rename Map


Cache Kill (by Moal-LST)

Slick & small Tool that while you play, takes care of cleaning your Cache from Novalogic Games.
Unpack it into your, for example Joint Operations Typhoon Rising Folder, or your AW2 Folder. After that you have in there a folder called “cachekill”. In there is a little application with the same name that you execute. It runs best if you start it after you start your Game. But you might as well also start it before you start your Game.