Advanced Warfare 2 Official Trailer

The Official action trailer for Advanced Warfare 2 revealing new arsenal of weapons, vehicles, characters, special effects and environments. It also shows map support for Typhoon Rising, Escalation and Delta Force Xtreme maps and the BIG nuke explosion in the end! The Nuke is a weapon powerup you can pick up and use in AW2 – just be sure to stay away from the blast radius.

Advanced Warfare 2 Menu Movie

A beautiful 4 minute video that gives you a tour around some of the different environments in AW2.

From paradise islands and sandy beaches, to hot deserts, to populated city inviting for close quarter combat, to dense jungle terrain, to icebreaking snowy mountains, to moon and sci fi space environments. The environment and atmosphere possibilities for mapmakers are many so when you play AW2 maps, you will see experience many different themes.

This is also the movie that you see when you start up Advanced Warfare 2 for the first time.

Besides environments you also see get a peek at some of the new vehicles, enemies and special effects all leading up to the BIG nuke explosion in the end.

AW1 Trailer 1

AW1 Trailer 2

These are trailers that originally was made for Advanced Warfare 1. The best content in AW1 has been transferred to AW2 so many of the things you see in the aw1 videos exist in AW2. The jets have been replaced by better looking models in AW2.

The videos are included here for nostalgic reasons and to pay tribute to the guys who made videos for us when the AW1 was released in 2007