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AW2 – The Incursion

Sign in with your team in the hottest place in the region, making cleaning and dominating the points of arms until the final objective echo. player and COOP got ride in six vehicles available, just come and wait five seconds of delay. to land his team will have three soldiers doing coverage, move depends on you!, it is estimated that around 600 to 800 members of MELICIAS. Good lucky!

AW2 – Wanderlust

The Jallas have invaded our city and taken over the airport and part of the city. Your job is to send them back to where they come from. Do something for your money

AW2 – Astroid Mining (new)

Follow the instructions as they appear in the map. Download Map Click on the tag name below to filter all maps by the map creator

AW2 – Open Sky

Follow the instructions as they appear in the map. Download Map Click on the tag name below to filter all maps by the map creator

AW2 – Perfect Shot

Goals Reach the waypoint X-Ray, without causing alerts. Eliminate the leader of Melícias Eliminate the commander of the local regiment Cover Lt. Lee to extraction Download Map Click on the tag name below to filter all maps by the map creator

AW2 – The Poseidon

Goals Find 2 Secret documents Find 3 laptops Rescue the hostage in the ship Download Map Click on the tag name below to filter all maps by the map creator

AW2 – The Arena

Goals Protect the convoy Remove the blockade until the stadium. Reach the stadium and clear the area Download Map Click on the tag name below to filter all maps by the map creator

AW2 – OP: Nifty Package

It’s December 1989. The US Invasion of Panama, Operation Just Cause, is starting within hours. You’re assigned to a supporting mission, Operation Nifty Package. The Navy SEALs objective is to prevent Noriega’s escape by destroying his boats and aircraft.

AW2 – Bullets And Lice

THIS MAP IS NOT FOR RUNNER – always watch your back

We’ve got the confirmation, that there is a chemical plant in the desert city Nuab, operated by the Iraqi terror group Sal A Fist. Manufactoring of chemical weapons is still on going. Unfortunately out airstrike against the factory was without success. The placed SAM Launchers around the factory shot down all our combat helicopters. Now it’s your turn…

AW2 – Some Days Are Better

It was supposed to be just an easy mission… as usual: go in… find the drugs and destroy them… and of course to be on time with aunt Emma for coffee and cake.
… you know, some days are better than others – but that wasn’t one of those…

AW2 – A5 SW Artic Warfare

Your mission is to stop oil production in the remote arctic circle, blow all targets maked in red and the rocket too. The enemy is well armed and can easily match your abilities.

AW2 – Heart Attack

Join special forces to enter the occupied town. Citizens became prisoners in their own city. Your task is to free as many civilians as possible, deactivate rocket on launch pad and eliminate the supreme commander in his headquarters.

AW2 – Fortified City

This is a hard one people. It will take all the resources from your team to complete this mission. I was told by the map author that the difficulty level is hard. Mission goal is simple. Make The City safe again.
Destroy all the Scud Launchers.
Find and destroy all the C4.
Reach the centre and Kill the Commander.

AW2 – Smugglers Trail

Put that sun lotion away you’re here to work!.This coast line is being used for weapons smuggling you mission is to locate all crates and destroy along with the two boats used to bring them ashore once done gate will open.Next job is to locate note book with route info and destroy the two spotter planes when seen to open final gate.Once open locate commander to complete mission.

AW2 – Opencast Mining

Deep inside of Bolivia, a nasty rat called Tormento uses a opencast mining to hide his arms business. His henchmen are mercenary from all around the world – aggresiv, brutal and military educated. Your team will be placed at the border of the mining entrance at 0800. Take care and good luck


Recent developments indicate the island is heavily fortified. The only way to the island is either by air or boat. Intel will send a mobile strike force to execute a nighttime insertion. A drone was sent to take pictures of the layout of the island, and found several key positions involving their venerability in the Communications system and air-defense locations. The photos show Venerability near the Communication towers, Intel has provided a picture below indicating a power generator housing building location just below those towers north east of mountain! Study all the pictures provided below, it will give you clues indicating how to best approach the situation.


Bg are holding the sun for a price. They have rocket that are able to reach the sun unless they get $1,000,000,000.  The sun is not safe


The presidend is being held captive in a church. Destroy all creates and all bgs, watch your fire in the church intel say the president is changed to a nuke


Eliminate all resistance. Eliminate perimeter patrols. Eliminate enemy helicopters. Destroy communication towers
Reach final waypoint


Take boat east up river.  Destroy all crates and bg. Keep on river to east.  Find bunker in hillside. Make your way through bunker and find the helo at end.  Fly east till you find his hideout

AW2 – Op Quång Çhi

The Ranger outpost at Quång Çhi is under fire and now in danger of being overrun. This supply depot has a truck and driver to transport you to Quång Çhi. Defend and secure the fuel and ammo dump prior to your departure as you WILL be needing it. Expect moderate resistance along the route. Pay attention to Wacpheil’s intel updates provided on a need-to-know basis.


You need to reach all 4 crates and destroy them to win if you can hold back all zombies


Enter lab system. Kill all infected bgs that the nukes didn’t get and crates too.


Destroy all crates that hold the deadly virus


Four years passed, you’re with old friends you have not seen since boot camp. You must reclaim an old allied’s base. That has been over run by weapon smugglers. The task will not be easy. Intel reports their heavily armed and well trained in war tactics. So stay sharp, and think before you act, or you, or a teammate may pay the price of failure.


Just when you thought it was safe to play outside, Uncle Sam done it again.
This time you was told not to play nice. You and your buddys got trap in a small command post. And now you got to fight your way out. These recon missions seem to be going sour, You think to yourself. Then you shake the thought.


Find and eliminate Commander Drake. Head West, stay alive and work as a team.


A Friend’s Reunion 1 IC only Now Converted to AW2 Mod, These maps are the original of this IC Mod series I Made. So Enjoy and happy gamming.
Ok here we go! Your with old teammates and friends. Well say hi, now it time to get to work. Uncle Sam just put you all in a tough spot. Way up high as a LZ.
Hope your not afraid of hights. You must find a chopper that has Intell to a secret base location. Beware it’s well guarded by Drake’s Elite Guard.


Your mission is to root out all rebel forces occupying our northern region; their commandant must not escape alive. Use any means necessary to achieve this goal…FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION. A partisan will meet you at a farm 1 click north with important intel concerning this mission.

AW2 – Mission W.D.a.O

W.D.a.O. stands for weapons, drugs and offering. Because we have found out that a militant group in the region of “Pekang” is trafficking weapons and drugs. There have been also reports of missing persons, who might have become victim of a death cult or things like that.