• Captain Keymaster
    October 28, 2023 at 20:08 #4315

    Hi there, somebody knows the Original Value of “fallmps” and “breathtime”? In some Maps i’ve played (for example Hardmaps) was a Value of 30 for “fallmps” and that was too high for my taste. Enemies were jumping from really high Mountains/Hills without dying. In the old Bearforce Mod for DFX was a Value 25 in the game.wac for “fallmps”. I think, the Original Value could be 10 or 12. Any suggestions where i might find these Value? PFF? Same goes for “Breathtime”.

    If you already found the original value as 10 or 12, try to go ahead with that.
    But im not sure why you would want to change it. If you are playing a map where the map author has set it to something different for his map, then that is how he imagined it to be to make it harder. Why change his work? 🙂

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