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    • Wolfseye Participant
      June 24, 2019 at 12:49 #2718

      After not having contact for half a year now, not knowing why or what happened, I recently found out, that “Skullmaster Hidden” , many know his maps for AW and JO/IC, usually starting with “SOT….” , and a few people knew him personally from gaming and in voice, has died in January this year. He was 49 years old.


      I knew him since shortly after I came into Joint Ops, and for me he was the best friend I ever had. Both his and my health was usually not very good, so over the years gaming wasnt the same anymore for me. If it wasnt for him, and a handful of other nice people, i would have lost the interest in gaming a long long time ago.

      You only meet one of those people once or at best twice in your life, for me it sure was rare.

      As said as it sounds, I kinda got used to the idea that he was just gone, you know, maybe something in his private life had changed and he just wanted to get away from all those people he knew online. Who knows. I personally blamed me, maybe it was my fault that we lost touch in the last year completely. Its easier to go on that way.

      But as it turned out, it was entirely different. I found out by accident, just recently, almost half a year after he died. And I couldnt stop crying for hours after reading it. But thats not what you want to hear, obviously.

      The reason I write this here, is to tell those of you that knew him, that he has passed away. Maybe someone other but me also remembers him as pleasant as I do, and keeping him in memory would be nice.

      I have lost the best friend I ever had, and I am torn apart from this. I miss him terribly…

      Rest in piece, my friend… 🙁


      R.I.P. -== Skullmaster Hidden (2019) ==- | I won't ever forget you !

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    • Captain Keymaster
      August 7, 2019 at 16:26 #2740

      Very sorry for your loss and everyone who knew him.
      Rest in peace Skullmaster.

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