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    • king.ripper.ger Participant
      June 6, 2018 at 21:39 #2549

      Hi all Gamers out there,

      currently nowaworld ist down, what is to do and how u can play Joint Ops over internet connection in a virtual local area network (vpn).


      2months ago, tunngle we used, all the years before, is down allready.

      “We’re sorry to inform you that the Tunngle Service will shut down on 30/04/2018 due to pending requirements of the new European General Data Protection Regulation”

      so we can use battlelan its a small an simply vpn programm (also known as lancraft) and was createt for warcraft.


      How to start:

      Download Battlelan from Lancaft or Thors Thunder

      Download and How To (about IP adresses and ports)


      Quick Start Guide:
      1. Download
      2. unzip and copy to your favorite place
      3. open ports for connection to others in your router and/or software firewall (port forwarding)
      Port: 6112 TCP and 2116 TCP
      4. start as administrator (Win7-Win10)
      5. “add” the adresses where u connect to, a list see below.
      ( u can also copy it to the battlelan.ini with a text editor, only the ip and/or url adresse as a table.)
      6. klick “save”
      7. klick “start”
      8. Start Joint Ops and go Lan and search for servers

      List of Server adresses (AW2):

      Daggis World:     
      Snipers Company:
      Schluchten Joe: 
      Kings World:       
      Thors Thunder:  

      All informations not finally, because today we used it first time, but it works fine.

      If someone knows other server address, plz post it in this tread.

      Now we hope that Nova maybe tomorow online.

      I hope i can help.

      King.Ripper GER

    • Nachoman Participant
      June 6, 2018 at 22:26 #2550

      Thanks for your information. I got Battlelan running ok and joined a couple servers as a test.


    • king.ripper.ger Participant
      June 7, 2018 at 09:54 #2551

      thx for testing, nachoman.

      novaworld is online now .

    • Wolfseye Participant
      June 26, 2018 at 06:39 #2555

      Thats odd, now that I am not with gaming anymore at all, now Tunngle goes down for good. Still had the lifetime membership ^^, guess i should sew them 😀

      But really, its sad to see a great Service like Tunngle go down. They had millions of users, and deserved I think. But then it makes you wonder, with all the Ads that they had with the free license, and the I think quite many people with one of their memberships, you’d think that they could afford making the changes to their software that are required because of the European GPRD (if I wrote that correct).

      Or was it rather something not so “ok” going on, that was underneath their software. Something that would have come out otherwise or/and would have required so much changes, that it wouldnt have worked with their concept of the Software. Makes you wonder. I doubt it was a money problem, or would have been so hard to change that they rather went away for. In a time where sharing user data is a hot topic, where companies like Facebook shit on the word privacy, its not that hard to believe that there were other motives/reasons behind a decision like this.

      I mean, its a sad thought, given how good Tunngle was. Especially for Games like Joint Ops and other still LAN capable games, it was one of the better solutions (i even go so far and say it was the best, in my own opinion) out there and its sad to hear its gone.

      I guess I stopped with gaming at the right time, considering things like this would have really upset me otherwise. BattleLAN never really got to me, it might be effective but its a boring little program. Not to mention that it requires giving people your real IP, i never liked the idea. But if its all whats left…

      Other services like Game Ranger, Evolve and similiar are not a valid alternative, and are even worse when it comes to pay functionality. And the classic, Hamachi, stopped being good after they had been sold many many years ago. After that, it wasnt the same anymore.

      Anyways, i hope you guys still find all the right tools to continue play this fine game over LAN, when the incredible 😀 Novaworld LOL goes off. 😉




      R.I.P. -== Skullmaster Hidden (2019) ==- | I won't ever forget you !

    • Wolfseye Participant
      August 3, 2018 at 13:28 #2561

      Using this Software (Free!), which I knew already from long ago (just didnt know it would work with games as well), it works just beautiful. Not to mention that I dont feel its any good idea at all, to give others your “real” IP.

      That tutorial shows both, how to install the Server part of it (for those that want to host games from home) and the client, for those that just want to join. Sure, it might be a bit more to setup, but that tutorial is so simple to follow and just works great. Works with any LAN capable game I tested so far.


      R.I.P. -== Skullmaster Hidden (2019) ==- | I won't ever forget you !

    • Coopwarriors Participant
      June 24, 2019 at 12:16 #2716

      here is my ip for lan

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