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      December 14, 2018 at 00:33 #2612

      Did you know you can make your mission zone in COOP and SINGLE PLAY visible by adding a ‘TKOTH center marker’ to your map?


      1) As an example of the most obvious solution to the ‘problem’ of mission zones you can download Harald Bluetooth TR on

      Simply ignore onscreen instructions, go east instead and attack the English. It’s only a waste of time and you will die a lot! There is absolutely nothing to gain!

      Use AI to kill the player at all times instead of killssn(player) on players leaving the mission zone!!!

      2) Another more interesting solution is offered in the CrimeaWar AirForce map for AWmod, also available on

      If a player wants to explore ‘beyond’ the mission’s initial objective and manages to reach the enemy city and airfield he will be ‘rewarded’ with a harder objective! This mission relies heavily on the use of vehicles so in this case I used a health drain on vehicles outside the zone which makes it very time consuming and annoying for a player to pursue such Rambo ambitions. If you are too far off you will lose your vehicle and you’ll have to face off against enemy helicopters – on foot with no armories in sight! Best part is that it’s not impossible, only very hard to complete the secondary objective! I have tried a lot of times and I know how the map works, it will take a couple of hours! And even if a player manages to find a way to make it there and do the impossible it’s no problem at all. It’s how I planned it from the start…

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