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      August 22, 2017 at 18:03 #1833

      This guide will show you how to prevent NILE crashes.

      As some of you know, there is a memory leak in NILE. This memory leak is what is causing NILE to crash every now and often. 
      All of a sudden an error pops up without any warning and the work you have done on your map are gone since the last save.
      That can be a real ***** especially if you’ve forgotten to do that for a while.

      I’ve found out how you can clear the memory in NILE without restarting Nile or your map. 


      Follow the instructions below: 

      You need to make sure that there are no objects selected in the “Object Palette”. 
      If you’re in the middle of inserting objects, you need to go back to the category and select that.


      Go back to “Objects” Tab. 


      Rightclick on 3D map and go to Re-initialize > Terrain. 
      This will cause NILE to clear it’s memory.

      NOTE: it is important that no objects is selected in the “Objects Palette” otherwise NILE will crash during re-initialization.

      After that, recheck the memory usage in “Object Statistics”. 


      Remember to repeat this procedure once in a while to reset NILE’s memory usage. 

      My experience on the computer is that Nile can go up to approx 200mb total memory, before it crashes, so do it before then.

      Happy mapping! 

      - Website Administrator

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