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      October 26, 2017 at 11:46 #2278

      Since Captain was so kind, to add this introduction section, I thought I would simply take the opportunity to shout out a little hi from myself, since I havent been around really in any games for quite some time.

      For me, its still important to see, that this Mod has its presence on the WWW. Even though its not the previous site anymore, which I created back then, while Captain took care of the awesome job in creating this Mod, but still, i am quite nostalgic about the good old days. And these days were really great.

      I met many people through this Mod/Game, some of which I still call friend, with others I simply lost touch. Something I would like to change again. I actually wanted to step away from gaming entirely, for reasons of health and loss of some important people as friends, but decided now in the end, to stick with it. Maybe not as much anymore as back then, but still, looking forward to play some games again, and of  course AW2. 😉

      I am still very proud of this Mod project, and I am glad that Captain created something as cool, which people still play to this day.

      For those who still know me and want to say hi on my new site / forum, had to start something again I guess (you know me), I would like to invite you to: (thanks to Captain for permission to link/advertise my url here!)

      Sign up, lets talk about some of the good old days of AW2 and JO, of which I still have a million lovely memories I will probably never forget. 😉


      Wolfseye aka W0LF-G4MIN-X


      R.I.P. -== Skullmaster Hidden (2019) ==- | I won't ever forget you !

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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