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      As I explained in another thread, extensive use of PLOOP, especially without triggers, is a major source for lag. Gamers hate lag!

      My example below works with NILE. You won’t need to put AI in sequential order. Other editors not so, please follow Ozferal’s instructions to set up your AI. If you are not comfortable with writing your own wac from scratch this topic is not for you!!!

      Step one:

      First off, the code in the source is not very elegant. Let’s start with refactoring. You’ll only need to retrieve your ID once, not infinitely!

      if never then
      v250 = 0

      if v250 = false then
      if ssndead player then
      v250 = player
      if ssndead v250 ENTER
      text# “Player has died”,v250  //Here is the value for your player variable, write it down or memorize!

      Step two:

      Now that you have the value of your player variable you will no longer need the code above, it was only for retrieving your ID and serves no purpose in your mission at all. Delete from your wac file!

      Please do mind I use the values from one of my scripts! Each script will return a value that corresponds with the number of AI in YOUR map, do not copy and paste but execute the code above for each mission! Only if your map is made with NILE and has 152 AI you will get the same value.

      if never then
      v250 = 152  //This is the value generated by the script above
      v251 = 153

      Now you can use v250 as ssn for the first player, v251 for the second player etc.

      Some examples of many cool things you can do with such a variable:

      if v1,1 then
      if ssnalive item and ssnalive v250 then
      ssnleadssn2ssn v250,item,xxxx //player v250 will lead the first batallion to ssn xxxx
      if ssnnearssn item,xxxx,25 then //here the batallion will stop following player and execute following order(s)
      {#actions} item //e.g. send them on a waypoint list to secure the area independent of the player’s actions

      I have not tested this, I believe the entire batallion may commit suicide if the player dies on the way to ssn xxxx

      Handle with care!

      PS: I can recommend to use TWO machines to retrieve player ID’s for the first and second player! If you cannot test and verify this it’s better not to use these commands!

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