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  • Captain Keymaster
    March 3, 2022 at 21:28 #3820

    Hi Everyone, I’ve noticed that some AW2 servers have “self-healing” ability while other servers don’t have it. Is there a configuration file that needs to be edited to allow for self-healing? It appears that this option is server-related not map-related. I like this option when playing alone or with just a couple of other players. I don’t consider it cheating especially if the map maker has the enemy’s accuracy turned way up. I’d like to host a server but I really want to be able to enable “self-healing”. Thanks, Cmdr.KaBoom “In memory of Stargate…may he be resting in peace.

    Hi there,

    It can be a map thing.
    It can be wac scripted by the mapper so that any player within a certain distance of an object gets health added.

    - Website Administrator

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