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  • Andrey_Berg Participant
    December 27, 2021 at 17:19 #3710

     Please, if you can, track down these maps.
    I need them badly!

    HMS Above and Beyond TR
    HMS Air Attack TR
    HMS Area Secure TR
    HMS Arms Cache TR
    HMS Arms Deal v2 TR
    HMS Arms Deal v3 TR
    HMS Atoll Fortress TR
    HMS Base Assault TR
    HMS Base Camp TR
    HMS Battleground
    HMS Blast Zone TR
    HMS Blizzard TR
    HMS Blue Tag TR
    HMS Check Point TR
    HMS City Life TR
    HMS Coast Patrol TR
    HMS Command Center TR
    HMS Crew Down TR
    HMS Cross Roads TR
    HMS Dark Secrets TR
    HMS Dark Water TR
    HMS Dawn Evasion TR
    HMS Death Creek TR
    HMS Deck Hands TR
    HMS Desert Arms TR
    HMS Devils Canyon TR
    HMS Double Take TR
    HMS Drift Wood TR
    HMS Eagle Down TR
    HMS Enemy Guns TR
    HMS Enemy Marshes TR
    HMS Flood Plains TR
    HMS Forced Landing TR
    HMS Gold Digger TR
    HMS Hall Of Lights TR
    HMS Heavy Goods TR
    HMS Hill 420 TR
    HMS Hill Bases TR
    HMS Hit Squad TR
    HMS Home Port TR
    HMS Island Combat TR
    HMS Island Tour TR
    HMS Islands TR
    HMS Kutu Airbase TR
    HMS Lost City TR
    HMS Marshlands TR
    HMS Monsoon Mayhem TR
    HMS Mr Rebel to You TR
    HMS Night Owls TR
    HMS Night Shadows TR
    HMS Night Shadows Two TR
    HMS Oasis TR
    HMS Ocean Lab TR
    HMS Open Waters TR
    HMS Operation Jade TR
    HMS Operation Room Service TR
    HMS Operation Sea Spray TR
    HMS Operation Tango Hideout TR
    HMS Radio Active TR
    HMS Rebel Caches TR
    HMS Rebel City TR
    HMS Rebel Compaund TR
    HMS Rebel Evasion TR
    HMS Rebel FM TR
    HMS Rebel Guns TR
    HMS Rebel Hills TR
    HMS Rebel Market Forces TR
    HMS Rebel Plains TR
    HMS Rebel Rivers TR
    HMS Rebel Trouble TR
    HMS Rebel Waters TR
    HMS Rebels Home Land TR
    HMS Red Caps TR
    HMS Relics of the Past TR
    HMS Rice and Rebels TR
    HMS River Arms TR
    HMS River Bed TR
    HMS River Raid TR
    HMS River Route TR
    HMS River Side TR
    HMS River Side TR
    HMS Road Patrol TR
    HMS Room Service TR
    HMS Sands Of Time TR
    HMS Sea Fortress TR
    HMS Search and Destroy TR
    HMS Self Defence v3 TR
    HMS Shipping Lanes TR
    HMS Silent Incursion TR
    HMS Silo TR
    HMS Smugglers Cove TR
    HMS Smugglers Trail TR
    HMS Special Forces TR
    HMS Stock Control TR
    HMS Swamp Patrol TR
    HMS Swamp Patrol TR
    HMS Tango In The Night TR
    HMS Temple of Fire TR
    HMS Tree Tops TR
    HMS Truck Patrol TR
    HMS Under World TR
    HMS Urban Patrol TR
    HMS Water Fortress TR
    HMS Weapons Free TR
    HMS Wild Waters TR


    If possible, these cards are also required.
    Especially this one: Im not done TR

    Code: Arctic Firestorm
    Im not done TR
    Kutu arms market coop TR
    Operation Break water TR
    Operation: Just SAY NO
    p1gs pendimonium
    Payback (Harder version)
    Resident Evil
    Resident Evil 2
    Resident Evil 3
    sewers m1
    sewers m2
    sewers m3
    Snake River Ruins coop TR
    SWC Treehouse by AMP
    Turkey’s River run
    Turkey’s River run-2

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