• Captain Keymaster
    July 6, 2021 at 10:15 #3342

    Hi Rellik

    That’s awesome that you want to start getting into COOP mapmaking, it’s fun.
    Ah yes I see. Really a shame that they closed the site down.

    Anyway since you are new to COOP maps, Id recommend to start by using NILE and its build-in scripting.
    It’s enough to make BG’s go to vehicles, make them go to a waypoint or make the vehicle go on a waypoint route.
    To make Team 1, the players win, after they have destroyed something or many things.

    You can then simply open up the wac file to see the code being generated.
    Granted it’s not the most optimized code but it works.
    You can then learn how it looks like so you know next time what to write by hand.

    I also found an alternative site for you for the Brad G tutorial
    Here is a direct link:

    More mapping resources are here:

    I hope this helps



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