• Captain Keymaster
    June 2, 2021 at 17:17 #3306

    On some maps, you must destroy the searchlights to complete the mission. But how to do it? I’ve tried all kinds of weapons. I tried to undermine it. The floodlights don’t break anyway. But surely the developers know how to destroy them? Or they are completely indestructible. However, the elimination of the spotlight is included in the scenario of many maps!

    Hi Andrey

    Thanks for your question.
    The search lights went from destroyable to non-destroyable when we were developing AW2 and coming out with new versions.
    We made it into an “object” instead of a decoration. It can now be found in the object list.
    The reason why it was updated into an object was because there was a new improved version of it, where the mapper would be able to set it to different colors other than just white lights.

    So by default, if you set it to team 0, the light is white. If you set the search light to team 1, it is blue and if set to team 2 it is red.

    Therefore if the map is made from an older version of AW2, then that could be the reason why it is casing an issue.

    In order for to make them destroyable, a mapper needs to add a “hidden” destroyable object around the search light so the players can destroy that instead when they shoot at it. When the “hidden” object is destroyed, the mapper should remove the search light in a wac command.

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