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  • Captain Keymaster
    January 10, 2021 at 20:44 #3122

    HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE I have a question and hope someone here can help me out. I have tried to host maps on my server I used the hosting platform and I have a Three tier business connection to run it on amost a T1 just not the bandwidth of that. But can host for 35 players with no lag so my question is? When I host no one can join the server I have gone over the hosting in the game and have every thing in place to host but no one can join it gives them a nummerating service and shuts them out. Any ideas on what causes this? Any help much appricated. Walker

    Hi Shogun

    Do you get an error code when it comes up with “enumerating session” on the client side?

    - Website Administrator

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