• Captain Keymaster
    July 13, 2020 at 11:12 #2928

    I appreciate people looking for this map but that is not the map I was looking for. It is smugglers hideout not the other. I also would like to know where any map download sites are. I got the top fifty but there are maps I cannot find. If we could find a patch that would let us play IC maps using AW2, that would open thousands of maps we all could play on AW2 servers. Just a thought. If anyone want to reply to me directly, my email is thewad@gmail.com

    Hi TheWad

    There are several map sites out there if you google “Advanced Warfare 2 Joint Operations” and head to the sites that has a download section. I found a few for your here

    Maybe we should add that list here to the map download section so more people like yourself can find more maps 🙂

    To answer your other question regarding IC maps using AW2.
    Yes that would be fantastic because as you say it would open up a lot of maps as well, however the main problem with that is that the Novalogic engine has a limit of how many assets you can put in the game without crashing it. An asset limit meaning memory limit.
    Meaning amount of weapons, characters, buildings, foliage, decorations, vehicles that needs to be loaded into a map before it starts.
    IC has reached that limit on its own and AW2 has as well in order to preserve compatibilty with maps for Escalation and Delta Force Xtreme.
    The thing we have also experienced in AW2 is reaching compatibility with Escalation and Delta Force Extreme maps is that the maps made for those extensions of Joint Operations, have been made with within the memory limits of that particular expansion.
    So if you load the same map in another expansion that has more assets in it by default, the map might not load properly.
    Usually at the end of the loading of the map you will get an error before entering the map.
    You may have seen this already before in connection with other maps.
    So that is problem with that.

    Have a great evening 🙂

    All the best


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