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  • Captain Keymaster
    February 2, 2019 at 16:09 #2691

    Hello Everyone – Red Dog here, not sure if anyone remembers me. Captain might…… Anyway not sure if anyone would be interested but I was digging around on an old buffalo drive and found 50 plus AW2 CoOp maps from the years gone by. Most of the maps are from an old buddy of mine Chief-C and we use to make maps for the Thundering 3rd Clan. I also found some other valuable information including the AW2 Loading Screen Template for use with Photo Shop that I was inquiring about in a different post. I am not sure how I could share the maps & tools I have. I would like to get back into AW2 and making maps but I am not sure if this game is even still alive. Currently I am playing DFX2 which has many players but AW2 has so much more to offer with map making.


    Hi Red Dog,

    Yes I remember you, nice to see you here,  welcome to the new site 🙂

    That sounds great about the maps. If you want to submit maps to us, you can find a link in the maps section or go to it directly directly:

    About the AW2 Loading screentemplate if you go to the downloads section, you will see that we already have it there. Thanks anyway 😉

    People still love to get new maps, that is what we can see on the facebook page whenever maps are published. So you are more than welcome to get into AW2 maps again, and as you rightly put it, there are really many cool things to play with when it comes to mapmaking.

    All the best






    - Website Administrator

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