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    October 18, 2018 at 03:27 #2580

    No luck.  Tried unzipping to the D drive.  I am hesitant to unzip to the main game folder because it will just load all these extra files into the actual game folders and if it doesn’t work I won’t know which files would need to be deleted.

    The file appears to download correctly.  When I unzip it appears to be fine but there is a warning that says CRC failed along with some other issues (see attached file AW2 error 2).  Then, still moving forward despite the message (because I am persistent), when clicking on the RAR file I get the error that I posted in my initial post.  When clicking on details for that error I get the notice that the setup contains invalid or missing data (see attached AW2 error).

    Probably user error but any suggestions are welcome.




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