• Captain Keymaster
    August 22, 2017 at 21:36 #1854

    Great Job! CYCLEBOT`

    Thanks CycleBot.

    Hi Captain. Looks like you have done a great job on the new web site, Hope to see many of the old members dropping by here. Onr thing I would like to mention is that I can not upload my avatar, where the button says chose a file, I click it and nothing happens. something wrong here ???

    Hey Snake. Glad we got your avatar working


    Been a while but worth it love the site and will start making maps now that I have the tools to do it with →Thanks Captian and Crew←

    Hi Shogun.
    That sounds awesome. Any new maps are welcome, small or big. Looking forward to it 🙂


    Hi Captain, looks good. I am glad there are still people coming here and playing JO/AW2. Funny, how there are a few people, thinking its my fault that there are so few people left playing this game, because, and I quote, because I introduced some people back then to Insurgency, especially (as it appears) the map makers. I wasn’t sure if I would be angry about a statement like that, but in the end I had to smile. JO & AW2 already had a lack of people a long time ago, there weren’t even so many Map makers that actually made maps, to even get people away from this Game or making maps for it. Not to mention, that its people’s right to try out other things and if they prefer that, they just play that or create content for that game. Chief-C is the only map maker that really stuck with Insurgency, and the last I know he is now working (officially) for the Developers there, because believe it or not, he makes actually money from that and so can live. You know, priorities. So, to those that think that its my fault, there is a “bite me” and “lol“, take your pick. 😉 I recently switched to MacOSx, and not really play anything anymore. I got other priorities in my life by now, but who knows, maybe I get JO working on MacOSx (not that it would take much to get JO running). 😉 A big shout-out to Cap here, for his continued work on this fine Mod. Makes me feel nostalgic again. Its good to see, that there is still a place for AW2 on the Internet. Cheers Wolf

    Thank you Wolf. That is really nice to hear! 😀

    - Website Administrator

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