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    I was directing the reply to Swarrior . We are trying to find oldman the creator of niles little helper . If anyone can contact him let us know . you can email me at thewad@gmail.com

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    I want to run two servers on the same router and need to know what ports to open on my router to accomplish this . I have 32768 for one pc but cannot figure out what to open for the second.  Keep getting enumerating session on second one . Tried 65535 and 32787 .Thanks all!

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    Anyone know how to get in touch with “oldman” who created niles little helper. I have someone who is trying to get with them as they are wanting to convert AW maps to AW2 and cannot get it to do so. Please post here or email me at thewad@gmail.com

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    I appreciate people looking for this map but that is not the map I was looking for. It is smugglers hideout not the other. I also would like to know where any map download sites are. I got the top fifty but there are maps I cannot find. If we could find a patch that would let us play IC maps using AW2, that would open thousands of maps we all…[Read more]