• Captain Keymaster
    January 29, 2024 at 19:18 #4418

    Hi, Im just trying to get AW2 running on a new Windows 11 Laptop. I tested it out with my desktop which has a separate install. I have 5 Joint OPs discs and I may have come unstuck by downloading the same version on my new Laptop that is on my Desktop. Anyway, I hosted on the laptop, joined on the desktop, started moving, and suddenly the desktop stopped with the message: The server has punted you. Please don’t run any trainers, hacks, or other things that can destabilise your game play experience. Make sure your version is up to date (GDCO46). I would appreciate any help or advice, Thank you

    Hi IndioBlack,

    Try to host on your laptop with the exe version
    In your laptop, you can easily switch to that version when you start AW2 and the window “AW2 Launcher” opens.
    Go to the tab “Game Settings” and tick off “”. Click “Save settings”.
    Now start AW2 and host the same map.

    Players who are joining your server can still use exe version, that has the benefit of widescreen support.

    Let me know if it helps.

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