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  • Captain Keymaster
    March 4, 2021 at 00:35 #3154

    I grew playing delta force 2 and delta force land warrior in lan co-op parties. Great fun and nostalgia. The “multiplayer lag” from those old games is starting to become…old. Delta force Black Hawk Down was fun, but didn’t have co-op. I wasn’t impressed by the co-op offered by joint ops or the df xtremes. Imao, they lacked the same quality, style, immersion, class, voice-overs (which are usually removed from co-op maps), variety and types of weapons (stealth, underwater, etc), and last but not least a triumphant “victory sound” when the co-op mission was won. I hoped for a mod that could add in the quality, class, and variety of df2 & dflw, and I came across Advanced Warfare 2! So far I am extremely excited! It adds all the original feel with the addition of new weapons, some pesky rats, and tons of fantastic maps and the benefit of driveable vehicles. Does aw2 have “scuba gear”? I have yet to try more than 1 map; I look forward to finding all the resources necessary for creating custom terrain for maps and try to make some based off df2 & dflw missions!

    Hi Noddy

    Welcome to AW2. Happy to have you here and thanks for the compliments. 🙂

    That would be awesome to have some maps based on the DF2 and DFLW missions.
    Unfortunately it does not come with scuba gear. For the scuba gear, you will have to be creative in the map making.
    We have a submarine in it thought and quite a lot of drivable water vehicles.

    If you want to try more maps to play, start with this one It’s pretty good.
    If you need more help with the map making, let us know.

    - Website Administrator

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