• Captain Keymaster
    December 9, 2020 at 16:57 #3049

    When working in 3d wireframe , I am unable to zoom in and aline proerly, any key pushed takes me completly out of 3d mode. Is there a combonation of keys to make it work. It has from time to time worked properly for me and I am able to adjust items to there setting

    Hi Zeke

    I’m a little unsure of what you mean. Can you make a video screen recording and upload somewhere so I can see better what you mean?

    If you want to align objects next to each other, use the grid setup in 2D mode.
    Set the Grid spacing to 0.25 in Y and X.
    Now click on the icon “Grid Snap to”. Now objects you move snap to the grid you have made.
    See screenshot below

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