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  • Wolfseye Participant
    September 21, 2018 at 08:43 #2565

    Dude, that soooo reminded me of my first (and last) try of CS:Source back so many many years ago. Myself coming from oldschool Quake kinda players, (and its kinda in our blood to hate CS ^^) came for a look when CS:Source came out. It lasted like 5 Minutes, then I was kicked & banned.

    What happened was, i came into a Server, obviously not into all that shitty game, and it took me a long time 😀 😀 to “buy” the weapons in the beginning of each round (which is how you start every CS match). My “shopping” wasnt as fast as everyone else, so when I was done finally, noone was at the spawn anymore LOL …

    So I went on walking, and of course, how could it be different, noone was to be seen. Everyone I came across was hiding behind a crate (essentially what CS is). Me, since I wasnt that kinda player, went on going. Didnt see no enemy either. At some point I came around a corner, there were two people hiding in a corner. They started shooting, i started shooting, not really aiming because i was so surprised people hiding there, they hit me (but not enough) but I killed both. It was a panic reaction, nothing else. After that, i got kicked and banned, claiming i was cheating.

    And that was that moment, I knew why this game (as its different other versions since & before) is just as rediculous as I thought and in that moment I knew, why us Quake’rs hate it, and never came back to it.

    Maybe not related to your problem, m8, but I thought it had a funny similarity. I hope you get your issue solved and can play again on that Server. 😉




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