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  • IndioBlack Participant
    January 6, 2018 at 14:04 #2386

    Okay, so I opened my Klong River map in NileJ4F, and swapped out the current terrain and chose DVXG1 as suggested. Then I saved. I went back in again and selected all the objects and dragged them to a good position, and now all I have to do is adjust heights on the terrain. So I thought I’d test the water, as they say.
    I went into the mission and the DVXG1 water is murky. No different to what I had in the DF scenery.
    I then went to Nilej4F, changed the murk to -99.00000 and saw the milky surface. Same with -1.0000, -10.0000 or -100.0000. Not a nice effect.
    However, when I went to test the game, the water was just the usual default murk as it always seems to be.

    Thanks for trying to help anyway.

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