Your on an island some where off the coast Taiwan. Your squad consist of one radio man name HAWK. He won’t be much help to you, is only fuction is to carrie the radio. Why you ask? because their will come a time for you to use that radio plus he makes good company.You are to rescue several villages from the enemy. You are to destroyed all C4 explosives left by the enemy. Each Building only has one C4 explosive so hunt for them they are hidden pretty well. Rescue two prisoners. Good Luck Soldier.

1. Goal1 Total of 20 C4 explosives must be destroyed
2. Goal2 Total of 20 snipers that must be found and taken out
3. Goal3 Rescue prisoners
4. Goal4 Safe guard the prisoners from any harm

– Hint1 C4 are only in the buildings no where else
– Hint2 Villages has trip wire of C4 explosives
– Hint3 If prisoners die then game is lost

– Note1 The enemy will come at you when you least expect it
– Note2 The civilians will do you no harm, they server no purpose
– Note3 Best played with four or more players

– Important1 When hunting for explosives hidden pretty well so look at everything?

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  • September 2, 2017 at 05:18
    looking forward to AW2 and meeting my old friends that have shared this awesome title with me. thank you Captain for keeping me in the loop.. AGN-Willie
  • December 29, 2017 at 12:52
    Aptly titled: this was painful. 15 minutes was enough to realise that we weren't getting anywhere. Trying to spot snipers in heavy woodland whilst crawling through grass and confirming that although you can't see them, they have no trouble seeing you is not my idea of fun. Then there were the endless respawning troops at the little village, which basically told us that this was going to be tedious in the extreme. It's certainly not a mission for a handful of guys. You need at least 10, with one of them mortaring the woods incessantly ahead of you. I'd be interested to know what size of squad this game was designed for.
  • January 23, 2021 at 04:29
    I went through the map to the end, but two prisoners could not get into the helicopter themselves. I just had to kill them to see the table.

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