This mappack features 42 maps made by different map makers back in the day and primarily made for the expansion Escalation.

A big thanks to the test team 2wit, RR-Tish, ToF-Haddu, cobraforce, Lobo-OTF and Ken-OTF for making sure it works and is fully playable and enjoyable for Advanced Warfare 2. 

Maps included:

  1. Airport’05 (by Mohclips)
  2. Center Harbor 
  3. Code: Arctic Firestorm (by SHULTZ)
  4. Code: Jericho (by SHULTZ)
  5. Code: Sweet Smoke (by CybeR soldieR and SHULTZ)
  6. Codename: Bohica (by Sinbad-OTF)
  7. Coop Deep Strike
  8. Coop The Attack (by UZ VIRUS-HH)
  9. DFR Secure the Harbour (by Iceman & Eagle Eye)
  10. DG_x OP GoldenCobra part 1 
  11. DG_x OP GoldenCobra part 2 
  12. DG_x OP Golden Eagle part 2 
  13. DG_x OP Golden-Queen-Bees (
  14. DG_x The Death-Castles 
  15. DG_x Turok Return 
  16. DGx Weapout VC1 
  17. DGx Weapout VC2 
  18. Dicemen on Duty 
  19. Dols House (by Dol)
  20. Domination (by Skull)
  21. Drunken Roadkill (by Sn8kByte)
  22. Elite Forces 
  23. Foot Patrol
  24. Fortress Assault 
  25. Front Lines 2
  26. Apocalypse Now III (by GenElec)
  27. Hang On (by Fez)
  28. Hell 2 Pay 
  29. Hell Hole II (by El_BastardoBS)
  30. HmS The Ruins Part 1 (by TISA)
  31. In and Out (by Jet Set Willy)
  32. Indotempel (by RT-Texas.Ranger)
  33. KA-TET Ghost Town (by DennisG KA-TET)
  34. KA-TET Power plant (by DennisG KA-TET)
  35. Kick Some Ass 
  36. Light of Freedom
  37. Lock and Load (by The Coroner)
  38. Lost City (by NOTRON & PILOT)
  39. Lumbesi 
  40. Madness Revisited (by Rash)
  41. MaKong Delta 
  42. MB City Crash (by MichaBen)

Once unzipped, all are included in their own folder so if you dont want to play all of them, you can easier choose when ones you want to play. 


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  • November 3, 2021 at 21:19
    Great selection! You can play it for a very long time. Now I would also like to get a selection of Shadowman from the Hardmaps and Hardmaps Escalation servers.
    • November 5, 2021 at 17:44
      Hi Andrey Sounds great. If you have any, you are welcome to send them to

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