This is a remake of a not working map… The Mapmaker had a lot of work in this and it was to good to just throw it out… And since I didn’t have the MIS file or editible Map file… We converted it into a nile file…. And had to guess at the Objectives.


  • Destroy Weapon Creates to Open Gates.
  • Destroy SAMS to Open Gates.
  • Destroy All Radios.
  • Hunt Down The Commanders.


  • Search Buildings for Radios and Commanders to Trigger Gates.
  • Danger around every courner. Be Careful of What gets Triggered.
  • Slow and Easy, Watch Your Step… You may get surprised.
  • Map will run in sequence, Once you open a gate. That section is complete.
  • Commanders are Hidden behind Locked Doors, Destroy Items to open doors.
  • Watch Out for Enemy Jumping Out at You. 


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  • May 18, 2021 at 20:50
    There was such a map - 'The Master of Terrible Dreams', where the buildings were also inconceivably upside down.

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