The Jallas have invaded our city and taken over the airport and part of the city. Your job is to send them back to where they come from. Do something for your money


  1. Destroy targets in area 1
  2. Destroy targets in area 2
  3. Hack computer to open door to runway
  4. Destroy targets on runway


  •   Passage to “B” opens  if all targets in area 1 are destroyed
  •   The passage goes over the boards and through the building
  •   Computer to hack for area 2 is in a back room (first or main floor)


  •   Keep your head down
  •   Not recommended to run thru the map

You can choose the level of difficulty anytime in the map (use Buttons up and down): main level is 8

Random changes action position of weaponstations, random sounds, random voices (if a bot is killed), position of computer, booby traps… and some things more.

Have fun and many greets,

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