1. Win the battle of the oil field
  2. Win the battle of the chemical plant
  3. Win the battle of the coal mine
  4. Take over the enemies camp and headquarters


– Destroy all crates
– Destroy the three power generators to slow down production
– Work as a team gets results

– Survive soldier
– Running and gunning will get you and your team mates killed!!


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  • December 21, 2017 at 09:31
    Highly enjoyable, but tough map with interesting assortment and groupings of buildings which made each stage uniquely different to the next. We were a man down, so two of us were struggling at first just to get to the first spawn point, what with incessant helicopter attacks, and well-concealed machine guns. We found the best anti-helo tactic was to RPG the darn things when they flew low overhead. Let them try and spoof that. It took us about an hour and 45 minutes to get through the first four spawns, and then suddenly the last lap was a walk in the park. Enemies were at a minimum, and the town was almost deserted. When you have a church tower you can snipe from, a few more targets would have been welcome. No "Boss Level" here. We didn't like the "out of area" warnings because it was often difficult to be sure what the correct route should be, at least invisible walls would not have been so lethal. And it would have been better if there had been a finite number of enemy Helos - or maybe we just didn't kill enough of them? Although not unique to this map, we particularly like the countdown of targets left to destroy, which prevents that awful sag in some maps when you think you've done everything but the map won't give you a win message. The finale on this one is great: fight your way to the top of the hotel , start up the Blackhawk and extract. We cheered and high-fived a lot because the mission had been quite a struggle at first, so the conclusion was amazingly satisfying.

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