What is Team Deathmatch?

In Team Deathmatch, your team's objective is to kill more opponents than the enemy team.

How are points earned in Team Deathmatch?

Points are earned by killing members of the opposite team. Bonus point are awarded for head shots, double kills and knife kills. Point will be awarded for the follow actions:
  • Enemy Kill: +2 (Player eliminates an opponent)
  • Revive: +1  (Injured player waits to be revived by a Medic)
  • Medic Save: +2  (Medic uses a medpack to succesfully revive a teammate)
  • PSP Takover: +12  (Player succesfully takes over a PSP without the other team touching it)
  • Double Kill Bonus: +10 (Player kills more than one opponent with the same round)
  • Headshot Kill Bonus: +5 (Player kills an opponent with a shot to the head)
  • Knife Kill Bonus: +1 (Player kills an opponent using a knife)

What is a good strategy for playing King of the Hill?

Everytime you are killed, you add one point to the enemy's score. You are most valuable to your team when you kill more than you get killed.

When does a Team Deathmatch game end?

  1. When a team reachres the number of kills set by the host
  2. When the game timer expires

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