It was supposed to be just an easy mission… as usual: go in… find the drugs and destroy them… and of course to be on time with aunt Emma for coffee and cake.
… you know, some days are better than others – but that wasn’t one of those…


  1. Destroy Weaponcrates and destroy Drugbushs
  2. Go to extraction point “G” and hold your position for 10 minutes – eliminate all enemies


  • You can set the difficulty level in 10 levels at any time (PSP “A”)
  • The levels change the accuracy, the maxattack range and the enemy vehicles
  • Most weapon stations are on random so keep your head down
  • You can also destroy all technicals and trucks
  • Difficult Level 1 means you just will die 1 or 2 times in solo play
  • because of layout i have justed some invisible walls – sorry for that


You can choose the level of difficulty anytime in the map (use Buttons up and down): 10 Difficulty available (change accuracy, attack range, …). main level is 8 of 10.

Random changes action of vehicles, position of weaponstations, random sounds, random voices (if a bot is killed)… and some things more.

Have fun and many greets,

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