Take out all enemy,a test of your sniping skills from the ridge line. You have been dropped behind enemy lines onto a ridge line, sniper rifles recommended.


  1. Follow the power lines along the ridge line.
  2. Destroy all gas cylinders.
  3. Infiltrate their headquarters
  4. Leave the ridge and find the enemy Commander and destroy his power station.


– All gas cylinders are in plain sight through a sniper scope can you find them??
– Stay up on the ridge line, you may not get back up once you descend !!  You have been warned !!!!
– Keep a watchful eye for sneek attacks from the air .

– Patience and a good shot will win the day


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  • June 7, 2018 at 20:06
    Good sniper map. We were pestered by flying rocket men for a while, but fortunately there weren't endless waves. There were two cylinders we couldn't find, despite flying around in the Apache and checking the places we had been, so we never finished it. Otherwise very good fun.

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