1. Destroy 40 crates to open the lock
  2. Destroy the radios to gain access to the final arena
  3. Find your way through the lock up to the escape chopper


– Work as a team ,even when there’s only two of you
– Watch out for those skeletons, they’ll sneak up on you
– If you run and gun,you will die more than you need to
– So take the advice WORK AS A TEAM !!

– Don’t be in a HURRY !! Slow and steady will get you through the map quicker


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  • November 9, 2017 at 09:38
    Those Pirate Skeletons with Ancient Sniper Rifles really gave us a hard time with their excellent shooting, so we died a lot, but three of us did this in 90 minutes, and had a really good time. Giving a countdown on how many boxes left to destroy and how many computers left is a really good idea, because we got to a point where we realised we must have missed something, and sure enough there were two computer stacks still undamaged. Excellent map, highly entertaining, and we were impressed with the Final Key reveal.

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