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  • December 28, 2017 at 12:39
    What starts out as an enjoyable, challenging map, ultimately descends into frustration and tedium. For the entire mission, you are hounded by swarms of helicopters. You cannot eliminate them; you can kill 50 and stil they keep coming. They're even there when you are about to enter the mine shaft and kill the General to terminate the mission. Not only that, they are backed up by flying jet-pack men who fire guided rockets rapidly and with deadly accuracy. This wouldn't be so bad, except that at frequent intervals a thick fog envelopes the terrain, annd now you can't see the helicopters and jet-packers, but by golly they can still see you. The chosen terrain is a good one, and building are bolted together in an imaginative way, sometimes weirdly reminiscent of the old silent film Cabinet of Dr Caligari. On two occasions you have to shoot hidden radios to progress. That's not in the briefing, but should be. And it's only our experience in these missions and our own map-making that reminds us to look for them. It took two of us nearly five hours to accomplish the mission, and we were constantly changing from Rifleman to engineer, to sniper just to advance a short way, but fortunately there are plenty of armouries. Ideally you need two guys with stingers and RPGs to suppress the aerial assault, a sniper to weed out the distant threats, and at least two gunmen to move the mission forward, one of whom should be carrying satchels to blow the crates. Throw in a medic to try and keep you alive, and a priest to supervise the endless funerals and you have your Magnificent Seven. Spawn points are quite far apart. From C, all you have to do is run across a snowfield under aerial assault, through a vast building to a ladder that takes you up to a village on a platform that is now under aerial assault; up the concrete guard tower, up another ladder to a tunnel of containers, during which a distant gunman attempts to drain you of some blood before the helicopters get you; out into another village under aerial assault, only to get in sight of D and be gunned down by an incredibly alert guard shooting from the hip around corners. Then when you've done the mission, you get an overwhelming feeling of elation, and I guess that's what it's all about.
  • December 29, 2017 at 12:45
    Notwithstanding the above; We were immensely impressed with the programming skills that enabled the existence of jet-pack rocket-men, and indeed in the attack patterns that they adopted.

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