Deep inside of Bolivia, a nasty rat called Tormento uses a opencast mining to hide his arms business. His henchmen are mercenary from all around the world – aggresiv, brutal and military educated. Your team will be placed at the border of the mining entrance at 0800. Take care and good luck


  1. Destroy all weapon crates in the overcast mining
  2. Destroy all radar dishes to interrupt their connection to outside
  3. search for documents of Tormentos contact persons


  – Don’t walk on the conveyor – moving parts can hurt you
  – We have informations of a few weaponed vehicles in this area
  – …also some big guns were spotted


  – You can choose the difficulty of the map at starting point (10 different levels)

  – You can change the levels anytime (10 is hardest)

You can choose the level of difficulty anytime in the map (use Buttons up and down): 10 Difficulty available (change accuracy, attack range, …). main level is 8 of 10.

random changes action of vehicles, position of weaponstations, random sounds, random voices (if a bot is killed)… and some things more.


Mapper Sleepless



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