The Enemy has a oil fuel network your job is to destroy it and the scud missles protecting it.And finally their power source.


  1. Take out the four oil networks
  2. Destroy all scuds
  3. Infiltrate their headquarters
  4. Destroy their power generator that powers the whole system


– Work as a team
– Try and keep your head

– Before the map will end you must take out ALL the Scud missiles then you can destroy the end generator


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  • January 18, 2018 at 13:21
    Excellent map. Thanks for all the vehicles. One or two Rocket Men arrived but they weren't incessant, which meant we could deal with them and advance fairly quickly. Nice Terrain. Plenty of sniper targets. We made good use of the Little Bird to ferry satchels around and hit the mountain top rocket launchers. Three man team. One and a half hours - excellent length with very little repetition. Only worrrying thing was the CTF Spawn points were out of alphabetical order, which worried us because the Intel told us to do things in order, and we eventually decided to do them in distance order, rather than alphabetical and it worked out correctly. As host, I usually get spawn points alphabetically correct, but the other players often have them differently labelled. We don't know why, but we always follow the host's directions. Very enjoyable map. Thank you.

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