The Ranger outpost at Quång Çhi is under fire and now in danger of being overrun. This supply depot has a truck and driver to transport you to Quång Çhi. Defend and secure the fuel and ammo dump prior to your departure as you WILL be needing it. Expect moderate resistance along the route. Pay attention to Wacpheil’s intel updates provided on a need-to-know basis.


  1. Defend & secure ammo dump
  2. Repel advancing troops
  3. Clear route to quång çhi
  4. Destroy ammo crates
  5. Destroy technicals (radar dishes)
  6. Eliminate enemy commander



  • Work As A Team
  • Phred sounds the horn 10 secs before he leaves
  • Pay attention to Cochise’s travel orders
  • Stick with Phred to avoid needless running


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  • March 7, 2019 at 13:52
    I guess this is one of those maps where all the bits are so intricately connected that if you go off-piste, then it ain't going to work. We defended the base, destroyed all technicals, destroyed all bad guys, but the goals list gave us only 1 out of 5 accomplished. Phred honked his horn but never moved. The truck couldn't be driven, so we couldnt use it to get over the fortress wall. It looks like that bit of fort wall that is supposed to blow open is being used, but it doesn't blow open and never has, because I tried it in a mission. So anyway, nicely laid out map, but didn't work for us.

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