The Joint Ops community have had enough. We’re leading an assault on Novaworld to put things right. You must disrupt Nova’s operation and steal enough money to buy a Gold Membership. Remember when you’re in Novaworld, you’re playing by their rules, they can adjust the game however they want to gain the advantage. Take nothing for granted.


  1. Raid the NovaTown bank and steal the payroll
  2. Destroy the Nova programmers’ food supply of Coke and chips
  3. Steal the DF Angel Falls source code from the Nova Museum
  4. Break into the Novaworld Inner Sanctum and buy a Gold Membership


There are some hidden bonus levels, look for weird gas clouds with lights – if you’re brave enough!

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  • March 8, 2018 at 10:16
    Ha Ha Ha. What a brilliant concept. Highly entertaining map with lots of tricks and jokes. Can't say anything more because it would spoil the surprises for anyone else. Two of us finished it in about 90 minutes.

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