The Sendero Luminoso deep in the Peruvian jungle have experimented with voodoo. The whole thing is out of control. The dead seem to be coming out of the ground. We bombed the villages, but we weren’t successful. It’s time to do it as usual. Pew Pew madafakas


  1. Make your way through the area of the Sendero Luminoso
  2. Find the affected areas
  3. Clear out the areas
  4. Find and destroy all zombie holes (purple lights) and zombies



  •   You need to throw 2 satchel in each hole
  •   Fog near a hole disappears when the hole is destroyed
  •   You can change the level on PSP A at any time
  •   Use level down to reduce Zombie health points



  – Always try to jump on higher objekt (buildings) – zombies can’t follow


Mapper Sleepless




You can choose the level of difficulty anytime in the map (use Buttons up and down): main level is 8

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