Intruders have invaded our area and have already set up some small bases. We were only supposed to do a scouting flight in the helicopter and were shot down. OK, let’s see if we can do a lot of harm to them


  1. Search and find all intruders
  2. Destroy their trucks, jeeps, satellite dishes … anything you can find
  3. Find all the small bases and the main base


  • Our spotter reports air and ground vehicles

  • …and also heavy artillery

  • This is an open world, but don’t stray too far from your team


  •  Vehicles and weapon stations are on random

  • Adjust the difficulty level if you die a lot – anytime

  • Great Sniper area

You can choose the level of difficulty in the map how often you like (use Buttons up and down): main level is 8 – don’t tell me the map is too hard if you haven’t use this buttons
Random sounds, random voices (if a bot is killed), random vehicles, random positions of weapon stations

Have fun and many greets,
Mapper Sleepless


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  • June 2, 2021 at 20:52
    A very beautiful and at the same time very difficult map for one person. Still, I was able to pass it for 2.5 hours. In addition to the huge distances, there are a lot of enemies scattered on the hills and in the forest. You do not have to run headlong, but carefully destroy them one by one, often bypassing them from the rear. Points C and D are particularly difficult. The description of the map is not correct: here you just need to destroy 21 targets (18 cars, 2 generators and a radar).

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