Jump onto convoy and make your way to the center of the city – this is the easy part.
The convoy only move forward if leading car is in use thru player.
If you arrived at city center, the spawn car und Echo One only start moving if the first target is destroyed.
Follow the instructions.
Rebellions have broken out in the Pakistani city of Mohenjo-Daro because peace negotiations with India have failed. We were hired to get the Indian ambassador out of the city unharmed. The Echo One needs protection constantly.


  1. Destroy targets and clear area
  2. Lead Echo One out of the city


  •   Leading Vehicle must be in use (Player on Vehicle)
  •   Echo One and Spawn vehicle start way back after 1. target is destroyed
  •   First target is on the right in front of the embassy


  •   Don’t walk away from Echo One too far! PSP X is too far! Use PSP A
  •   Spawn Vehicle and ambassador only walk to next point if area is cleared out
  •   Area is only clean if enemy and targets are down

You can choose the level of difficulty in the map how often you like (use Buttons up and down): main level is 8

Mapper Sleepless


a review to the upcoming new map. Enemies are blind. Only the way to the embassy
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