Satellite imagery has identified a terrorist training camp in the desert. It must be disabled ASAP. While our main forces attack the base, you are to find an alternate way inside and take out a number of key targets. You will infil a couple of klicks from the camp, you will have to fight your way there.

Your mission goals

  1. Destroy all fuel tanks
  2. Disable all servers
  3. Destroy all laptops
  4. Find and kill the camp’s leader

Follow the PSPs in order to complete the mission
Don’t get too involved with the main assault on the camp, use them as a decoy so you can sneak inside
You will need snipers for this mission


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    March 14, 2018 at 23:22
    This was fun. Nice scenery. Loved the hangliding part. Watching our armour racing into battle and our aircraft zooming overhead was an imaginative detail. Good duration: about 80 minutes for three of us.

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