The Cartel have heard you were coming so have gone to great lengths to move their weapon cache,spreading over their secure compound as well they have some Missles that are strategic in their Defense.


  1. Locate and destroy all their weapon caches
  2. Find and destroy all missle launchers


– The Jet packs are booby traped (you have been warned)

– Play as a team and have fun !


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  • March 1, 2018 at 10:00
    This was a highly enjoyable map. Lots of fun seeking out crates in bunkers, creeping through an almost deserted town, not knowing if there was a bad guy around each corner. Then you get to the river and the armed boats come creaming past. The semi-submerged rocket men were a fun addition. Our hearts sank a little when we saw the rocket-pack men circling the town, but they weren't lethal. In fact my team-mate, shot one down, and ignoring all instruction about the fact that these were booby-trapped packs, successfully strapped a pack on, flew over the final target and parachuted in. He executed the final trigger, whilst I was still trying to seize G and blow up the four remaining crate dumps.

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