Destroy all enemy arms crates and find the remains of your commander


  1. Enter the compound
  2. Destroy all crates
  3. Enter tunnel system
  4. Find the bones of the commander

– Tunnel system won’t open until all crates destroyed



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  • February 22, 2018 at 13:54
    We loved this one. Close-quarters, street to street fighting. Bunch of 50 cal Land Rovers harass you on a looped route and it's great fun rocketing them. Couldn't finish it, because we couldn't find the last radio. One radio we did find was on the roof of the "Mogadishu Target Building" and we duly blew the hell out of it. We checked every other "Mogadishu Target Building", but could find no other radio to clear the tunnel and get us into the final spawn at K. If anyone can advise us where it is hidden, then that would be neat, because this map has great replay value, but only if it can be finished.

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