You have been inserted right into the rebels territory.This is their fuel supply canyon with their tank base situated at the end.


  1. Take out all defense tanks
  2. Destroy all fuell tanks
  3. Destroy tank headquarters (Warning: Well guarded)

– Work as a team, one driving the other shooting

– Have fun !


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    January 4, 2018 at 14:01
    This is a stupid map. You start out with tanks and duel with enemy tanks whose gunners are clearly on a lunch break. Then as you move out, some F-117s come flying at you in that goofy helicopter-emulating way at 50 ft, and your tank shells don't kill them. Now I've flown F-117s in flight simulators, and these aircraft have a low radar cross-section, they are not invulnerable to shells. Anyway, we figured if there were two F-117s coming at us, there would probably be a thousand more, so we pulled the plug.

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