As the name suggests make a breakthru to reach the end.


  1. Fight your way to the tunnel entrance (find hidden radio for tunnel access)
  2. Fight your way through the tunnel
  3. Destroy Satellite power link to access final major barrier
  4. Finally find and Destroy Pavelow Chopper


Make sure you get all the weapons crates(marked in green on your minimap)
for that unlocks the final stronghold !
Satelitte power link is a sat dish(need rpg or at4 to take out) and you might have to wait
for the weather to clear before seeing the link
Any barrier is either destroyable with a satchel or RPG

– Play as a team and have fun !


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  • January 3, 2018 at 23:17
    We pulled the plug on this one. Another "Ring of Fire" clone with endless squadrons of flying rocket men. Nice undulating terrain, but most of the buildings are not properly fitted and are half-floating in the air so you can see under them, which is extremely lazy map-building. A bit more time spent on getting the scenery right and a little less on endlessly re-spawning rocket men and this map might have almost been average.

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