You have joined the bomb disposal unit, you have Nukes and scuds to dispose of. Taken out one at a time the town will survive


  1. Destroy all Nukes
  2. Destroy all scuds


– Make sure you are far enough away from a Nuke before exploding it
– Some of the Nukes you will need to dive for

– Work as a team


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    January 11, 2018 at 09:55
    This started out as quite fun. Nicely constructed scenery; ships moving about the dockyards to give the impression of a living world, but it eventually became repetitious. Sniper takes out rocket man in water, explosives man dives in and drops a satchel - boom. Repeat. Then we found you could fire grenades at the nukes and blow them up. So we started to mortar them. Then the game froze and we abandoned it.

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